Saturday, September 1, 2012

Christmas In Hogsmeade

Christmas In Hogsmeade

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Went to check out the Wizarding World the other day, to see what kind of decorations would be placed up for Christmas  And you are looking at the extent of what was done.  It almost seemed disappointing; but yet, not really.  The whole area already has the look of a Winter setting; with "snow" on the rooftops, and icicles all over the place.  There's even a snowman that has a permanent location.

I guess they just added some garland, wreaths, and other small details, to give the sense of a small village putting up simple decorations.  So if you look at it that way, it kinda works.  But I could've skipped this special trip to see Christmas in Hogsmeade.  I was actually gonna cancel my Universal pass back in July.   But I  was kind of contemplating a way to attend a special Harry Potter event last month (which I totally forgot about); and also wanted to check out what they would do for the Holidays.  Now that I've had my fill, I'll be ending my Passholder status this week.

On another note, Universal did an AMAZING job with decorating Seuss Landing.  There were delightful Christmas sights EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!

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