Thursday, January 13, 2011

Two Movie Worlds Brought To Life

Two Movie Worlds Brought To Life

For me, these were 2 franchises that when I saw them in the theaters, I terribly wanted them to be real. No amusement park "real".... REAL REAL.

I think it would've been great if the Wizarding World of Harry Potter was closer to the size of Jurassic Park's area; or at least had the sense of scale that you're you entering into a completely different world. i.e.... not knowing what could be lurking around the corner. With the Harry Potter attraction, when you enter, you're pretty much just 'there'. You don't have to roam around to take in almost everything there is to see. I know it's about entering all of the shops and buildings to really live the adventure. But it's nice to walk around, and be like "ooh, I wonder what's gonna be coming up now???".

And just to reiterate, I'm not a Disney person hating on Universal. I've had a Universal annual pass in the past; and I am a HUGE Harry Potter geek. And I love the job they did on the area.

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